Courier 96

They survived the atomic bomb blast and were on Earth before the dinosaurs. Ginkgo trees – the most resilient trees, with ornamental, fan-shaped leaves with dense innervations – have been used for centuries as a decorative element in jewellery or hair ornaments of Japanese geisha. This floral symbol found its graphic expression in the logo of the Bartonne Agencement & Verrière brand, behind which, in the words of its creator, „lies an unwavering ambition to offer products and extraordinary experiences to those who, like us, share a special love of interiors.”
Ginkgo leaf motif. Delicate, ornamental style. The perfect symbol of longevity, strength and beauty.
The tagline AGENCEMNET & VERRIÈRE indicates the industry in which the brand operates and the main business focus. The logo can also function on its own without this characterization.
Key Visual – gold and black 90%. A noble, luxurious color scheme, positioning the brand in the premium segment.
The logo can also function as a seal, enclosing the signet with the logotype and tagline.