Courier 96

Client: Medical start-up from Wrocław.
Corporate identity development for the COOLTEC brand and an innovative device supporting male fertility – COOLMEN.
– Creating a minimalist, modern, discreet and masculine logo for an innovative male-fertility support device – COOLMEN.
– Development of the layout of the mobile application integrated with the innovative supporting device male fertility – COOLMEN.
– Implementation of a comprehensive image project of the COOLMEN brand – website lifting.
A closed graphic form that is a combination of the letters C and M. The roundness of the letter M evokes the association with rotor blades. The C enclosed inside is the nucleus of the composition, in which one element is protected/touched by the other.
The shape of the letter M, wrapped with the letter C, is associated with the cutouts in a gladiator’s mask, emphasizing the fact that the brand is made for men.
Color scheme: the letter M in a cold steel shade with a gradient. The letter C in blue indicates the cooling process.
The logotype written in capitals inspires confidence, the letters „o” by breaking the outline let air in, which brings to mind the cooling process.