Courier 96

HARMONY HOUSE is an investment by Wroclaw developer MT Project, located in the green part of Osobowice district. The investor’s ambition is to realize an intimate multi-family building, harmoniously blending in with its surroundings, through a light, modernist block, numerous glazings in the facade allowing the interiors to blend with the surrounding greenery and the perspective of the nearby walking boulevards on the Odra River.
Monogram constructed from two soaring letters „H”.
Leaf-shaped crossbars softly combine the geometric form with the floral motif.
Balance – Purity of form – Whiteness of facade – Reflection of surroundings in a sheet of glass – Harmony in boutique design
Harmony House Logotype refers to the bionic logo. The typeface of the letters in which the crossbars are slightly „broken” is associated with the inscription arranged from twigs.