Courier 96

The new Blue Forest Development investment presents architecture with universal values, sensitive to the local context, respecting the environment, meeting the preferences of various groups of recipients. Modern architecture referring to the assumptions of multi-family, detached and semi-detached buildings sets the directions for visual identification, dedicated to the residents interested in the real value of the property being purchased. Identification meets three main criteria for modern housing units: stable value, modern form, and ecological aspect. The last year and the global consequences of the outbreak of the pandemic convinced us that the world is a global village. From now on, the great majority of humanity is aware that sometimes the home is the whole world. Let it be a good world.
Logo refers directly to naturally oval cardamom grains, elongated along the vertical axis, arranged in a vertical and diagonal orientation, thus forming the letter K.
The logo and colors emphasize the ecologically sensitive attitude of the investment. It underlines „green” features of the estate, such as living in harmony with nature while preserving the climate of the green enclave.
The classic serif font is elegant and timeless, and the name Kardamonowa is written symmetrically.
In the word „Kardamonowa”, the letter M, cut with a cardamon seed, stands out, which gives more sharp and expressive look to the project.