Courier 96

Client: New Connect-listed company offering services related to lightweight hall enclosures, roof reconstruction and renovation, including large-scale flat roofs and green roofs, system facades, aluminum facades, flooring and steel structures. 
Objective: design of corporate identity, website, ongoing PR support.
Implementation: Designing a logo and color scheme, creating printing materials. The second stage was the design and implementation of a responsive website. Ongoing maintenance consists of creating content for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, News tab on the website).
Two small letters with a simplified typeface emphasize the repetitive nature of the elements.
The typeface of the letters was modified and enclosed in a square with a cut edge, individualizing the sign into the shape of canopies.
Key visual – red, white, black is distinctive and gives dynamics to the composition.
Logotype – the name written in small letters is simple, solid, clear, inspiring confidence.