Courier 96


“Słoneczne Południe” is a cosy residential estate featuring modern architecture and technologically advanced solutions. An investment developed by Uniblock, at the south suburbs of Wrocław, required a brand identity emphasizing the suburban nature of the estate, cutting edge building materials and BMS (Building Management System) features. The assumption for the website was its image and informative value, as well as sales support with an active panel for frequent change of individual buildings status. Modern, expressive, user-friendly. There you go!

Logo created with combination marks – symbol and text.
Symbol is a circle cut by „blinds”, which is a graphic representation of the sun, referring directly to the name of the investment “Słoneczne Południe” (Sunny South).
The noble color of deep navy blue, white and brick red is elegant and fits perfectly with multi-colored visualizations, toning them.
Wordmarks – text part of the logo is the name of the estate, written with small caps. It is simple, solid, transparent, yet inspiring. The „Houses With Technology” claim, written in handwriting, gives lightness to the quite extensive logotype, containing of 4 words.