Client: A newly established brand of exclusive swimsuits for women.
Aim: To develop a visual identity system for the SUSAN SWIMWEAR brand, design and implement an online store as a sales platform for brand products.

1. Creating the brand logo & key visual. Logotype assumptions: a combination of two “S” letters – the monogram deriving from SUSAN SWIMWEAR. Cool, modern and ascetic colors, gray and graphite. This assumption resulted from the concept of developing a metal emblem engraved with a SS monogram embellished with a Swarovski crystal, placed on each costume at its back as a decorative signature of the designer. Two “S” letters forming the logo, by shading/breaking their lower edges give the impression of immersion of the lower edges in water. The soft outline of the letters is also associated with the crest of a wave.
2. Creating comprehensive copywriter content – brand philosophy, claim, product descriptions (two language versions).
3. Design and implementation of an online store – a sales platform for brand products.

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